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Denise Losito  

Great for anyone that cannot eat red meat

Perfect as a collagen booster for a person who has the alpha-gal tick allergy and cannot eat any type of red meat

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Juan Benites

 Proven Results!

I have been taking SiPower Silica for about a year now and I can clearly see the results. My knee pain has lessen and I feel that both, my hair and my nails are healthier than before. I certainly recommend this product and will buy it again

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Paola Downey

Great product!!

Highly recommended !!! I am really happy with this purchase, is better than I could ever expected. It took just a few days to start feeling the skin softer and the digestion working much better. You should give it a try, you’ll really like it.

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Terry Richards

Great product, nice large size

This liquid formula of biotin & collagen is easy to take. I mix it in my coffee or other drink and it seems to add a little sweetness. I like the 4 ounce size and I think it's priced right. I recommend!

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Godfrey Murray  

It Works!

After 3 weeks I started to detox brownish toxins and I feel like I have more energy!

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James Winfrey

 Excellent product.
I practice running and swimming and this product helped to eliminate the pain in the joints of my knees and shoulders. I recommend A+++

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Gregory Hill

Don't hesitate if you have bone pain

This is a great product. It taste good and I can feel less pain in just a few days. I tried many other products but this is the very best.

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Gail Elis 

Ten perfect nails at last

Since moving to a "soft water" area, my fingernails had become as thin as paper, and peeled off before getting long enough for a manicure.
This Silica is the only thing that really works for me. After a little over two months of taking this product in juice every morning, I have ten strong fingernails! Highly recommended for strong nails!

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Paola Lourdes

As expected

Took 2 half drops, flavor sour but very mild good taste. Using this to help support my immune system and lower cholesterol.

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