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Planet Power SiPower Silica Vegan Collagen + Fulvic Acid 4oz Glass Bottle, Immune System, Maximum Absorption – Concentrated Formula, Bones, Joints, Skin, Hair, Nails and Digestive System. 40 Days


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    • 🌿SiPOWER SILICA, improved formula. Now with Fulvic acid MLG-50 the best FULVlC AClD MINERAL LIQUlD CONCENTRATE. MLG-50 has a mixture of naturally occurring antioxidants and organic acids for efficient energy production, metabolism and electrolytes. 🌱The formula may vary in flavor and color due to natural ingredients.🌱
    • 🌿SiPOWER SILICA supplement is essential for BONE GROWTH, JOINTS, TENDONS, LIGAMENTS, CARTILAGE, TEETH, CONNECTIVE TISSUE AND MUSCLES due to its outstanding bone-building and bone-protecting properties through the synthesis of COLLAGEN
    • 🌿SiPower Silica collagen booster is essential for SKIN strength and elasticity, improving and preventing the skin aging process. Silicon takes many nutrients to the HAIR and NAILS ensuring the supply of all the vital minerals necessary for hair growth, and nail strength and vitality.
    • 🌿By improving the DIGESTION SYSTEM and cleansing the digestive tract, organic silica with fulvic acid helps the body naturally process and digest food much more efficiently. The DETOXIFICATION of aluminum is the most beneficial property of silica, helping to eliminate it and other heavy metals as well.
    • 🌿FULVIC ACID is considered the ultimate “nutrient booster,” allowing trace minerals, electrolytes, fatty acids, silica and probiotics to be properly absorbed, improving IMMUNE FUNCTION, cognitive health, and detoxification.

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